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Respected customers: Shenzhen RongTaiWeiYe Plastic Mold CO.,LTD. has been on trial since June. At present, the company's products include: consumer machines, access control, card reader, infrared probe, alarm and other shell products. Welcome customers to choose and buy. In addition, the company will continue to introduce new products, please pay attention to the company's product trends, thank you. Thank you.

Product Categories
Security Products
Financial consumption
Smart home
Health care
Vehicle electric appliance
Toy products
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   Shenzhen RongTaiWeiYe Plastic Mold CO.,LTD. is a set of product development and design, precision mold manufacturing, injection molding products, oil spraying, screen printing as one of the modern enterprise, is located in Shenzhen, China, traffic is very convenient.
  We mainly have industrial design(ID&MD)department , mold manufacturing, injection molding department,oil spraying & screen printing department, quality control department. The company has excellent technical personnel and the team advanced science and technology equipment, and to the cautious attitude, keep improving spirit as the customer design and production the most perfect product.
  We can provide customers with "one-stop service" according to the ideas or samples provided by customers, including “product design (appearance and structure)”, ”sample model making”, “mold making”,“product injection processing” , “Product oil spraying & screen printing”.
  The company mainly engaged in "lectronic finacial products, security system products, Internet of Things products, on-board products, smart home products and other fields" . Such as: payment processing equipment, attendance machines, card readers, access control, PIR, alarms, smart sockets, samrt remote controller, WIFI sockets, and other plastic housing production. The company has become a supporting supplier of many customers at home and abroad.



Shenzhen RongTaiWeiYe Plastic Mold co.,Ltd.
Li Gang
Mobile :(+86)15919823963      Skype : 15919823963
WeChat : 15919823963         QQ : 3295838750
Email :     Zip Code : 518116
Adress : No.103 Building B , Longshan 5 road No.2, Xinsheng community, Longgang street, Longgang District , Shenzhen , China

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Corporate name: RTWY Shenzhen RongTaiWeiYe Plastic Mold CO.,LTD.
Company address: No.103 Building B , Longshan 5 road No.2, Xinsheng community, Longgang street, Longgang District , Shenzhen , China

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